5 Must-Try Restaurants for Traditional Quebec Cuisine

maple pie

Quebec City is a culinary delight, offering a delectable array of Québécois cuisine that captures the essence of the province’s rich food heritage. From savoury meats to comforting poutines and mouth watering pastries, here’s HQ Tourism Services favourite spots where you can savour the true flavours of Quebec.

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What is traditional Quebec Food?

Quebec cuisine is a unique blend of French, Indigenous, and British influences, reflecting the diverse heritage of this vibrant region. In the 17th century, French settlers merged their culinary traditions of the Indigenous Nations creating a distinct Quebecois cuisine.

After the Quebec Conquest by the British of 1759, the British, Scottish, and Irish settlers who followed also left an indelible mark on Quebec’s culinary landscape. Their influence is evident in dishes like tourtière, a savory meat pie that draws inspiration from British meat pies. Today, you’ll find a fusion of flavors, from classic French techniques to hearty British stews.

As you explore the gastronomic delights of Quebec, appreciate the contribution of British-inspired comfort foods such as the use of root vegetables in traditional dishes. The culinary diversity in Quebec is a testament to the rich tapestry of its history.

tourtiere with homemade ketchup

Tourtière is a traditional French-Canadian meat pie from Quebec, typically enjoyed during holidays. The filling includes minced meats like pork, veal, and/or beef seasoned with spices. Encased in a flaky double-crust pastry, tourtière is a festive and savory dish deeply rooted in Quebecois culinary traditions. Every grand mothers know how to make it here!

Is Quebec food and French food the same?

Thinking that Quebec Cuisine is the same as French Cuisine is a mistake. Although we have similar roots, we are two different cultures. And we are it to present it to you!

Quebecois cuisine is influenced not only by French culinary traditions but also by the indigenous peoples of the region, as well as later waves of British, Scottish, and Irish settlers. This fusion of cultural influences has led to the development of a diverse and varied Quebecois culinary landscape. Also, note that Quebecois cuisine often features locally sourced ingredients that may not be as prominent in traditional French cuisine. Staples like game meats, maple syrup, and wild berries play a significant role in Quebecois dishes.

What is poutine?

You might have heard about Quebec’s most popular or renowned dish: poutine! It consists of crispy French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and smothered in hot, savory gravy. The combination of textures and flavors makes it a beloved comfort food not only in Quebec, but also across Canada, with variations that may include additional toppings like pulled pork. Poutine, which was invented in the 50’s in rural Quebec, is associated with festive moments of life. It is something that you share with friends after a hockey game, a camping trip, or after a Quebec City guided tour. 🙂

poutine quebec with cheese

Poutine is a Canadian delight originating from Quebec, featuring crisp French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and smothered in savory gravy. Despite its unusual name, it’s a must-try during your stay in Quebec City. Don’t leave without savoring this iconic comfort food that perfectly blends textures and flavors. The ultimate Quebec comfort food!


And what about tarte au sucre (sugar pie)?

Another Quebecois classic is the tarte au sucre. This sumptuous treat boasts a velvety filling, carefully crafted from a symphony of cream, flour, eggs, and the rich allure of brown sugar—sometimes exchanged for maple syrup, intensifying its sweetness. Brace yourself for a palate-pleasing experience! Beyond the confines of specialty bakeries, this dessert graces the shelves of grocery stores.

maple pie

Don’t miss out on the baked beans

Traditional baked beans are a classic Quebecois breakfast staple dish made with small white beans (navy beans), molasses or maple syrup, brown sugar, mustard, and often, bacon. After soaking overnight, the beans are baked slowly until tender, creating a sweet and savory side dish that’s perfect for barbecues and gatherings. Don’t miss trying these flavorful beans during your next stay in Quebec.

traditional baked beans in quebec

5 Must-Try Restaurants for Traditional Quebec Cuisine

1. La Buche

Address: 49, rue Saint Louis, Quebec City, QC G1R 3Z2
Description: La Buche is the epitome of Quebec’s culinary traditions. This charming restaurant blends rustic décor with a modern twist on classic dishes. Indulge in tourtière, a savoury meat pie, or try their famous poutine featuring a rich sauce and cheese curds.

2. Archibald

Address: 95, rue Dalhousie, Quebec City, QC G1K 4B2
Description: If you’re a fan of craft beer and flavorful pub fare, Archibald is a must-visit. Their diverse menu includes hearty burgers, locally inspired dishes, and, of course, a selection of their own craft brews.

3. Le Buffet de l’Antiquaire

Address: 95, rue Saint Paul, Quebec City, QC G1K 3V8
Description: Le Buffet de l’antiquaire offers a nostalgic Québécois experience. This restaurant is renowned for its maple-infused breakfasts, including the deliciously sweet and savoury “sugar shack” breakfasts that celebrate the province’s love of maple syrup.

4. Les Anciens Canadiens

Address: 4 Rue Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1R 4P3
Description: Located in a historic house with a chic ambience, this renowned restaurant offers Quebec gastronomy.

5. L’affaire est Ketchup

Address: 46, rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec City, QC G1K 3A6
Description: Go off the beaten path with L’affaire est ketchup, a charming neighbourhood restaurant, offers a farm-to-table experience. Their ever-changing menu focuses on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, making every visit a unique culinary adventure.


Quebec City’s Québécois cuisine is a testament to the province’s culinary heritage. These restaurants serve as gateways to a world of delicious flavours and traditions, making your visit to Quebec City an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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