Combo Historical and Food Tour of Old Quebec City

Quebec City Historical & Food Tour Combo

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From $175CAD/person
Place Limited 3 Hours Food & Drinks

Quebec City Historical and Food Tour is for true adventurous food lovers

Defiantly "outside the box" of yellow cheddar slice and commercial white loaf. In short, our Quebec City Historical and Food Tour Combo further develops on the Bestseller Evening Gourmet Food Tour, by keeping most spectacular flavor stops and adding new exhilarating restaurant partners. Come hungry, you will be impressed!

5 Star Everything

5 star guides, 5 star dishes, 5 star drinks, 5 star landmarks, and most importantly, 5 star guests !

Small Group

We limit each group to 10 people max to create an initiate experience where our guide shapes the tour to fit interests of the group.

Food and Beverage included

Each of our 5 gourmet stops further enhance your evening by selected food & drink pairing, to satisfy your taste buds.

Dietary Restriction Adapted

Our talent chefs at each partner restaurant allows us to adapt to your dietary restrictions. Therefore, let us know your FOOD AVERSIONS and ALLERGIES when booking.

Does this look like delicious? Book tickets today!

Our Pricing Guide

We are adapting to client demand to add Non-Drinking option to Quebec City Historical and Food Tour at a lower cost. 😇 Come hungry!

Yes, Mocktails!
  • 5 course gourmet food tour
  • 1 funicular ride
  • alcohol-free drinks at each gourmet stop
Adult Plus
18+ with valid ID
  • 5 course gourmet food tour
  • 1 funicular ride
  • + mostly wine, sometimes beer

Trip Itinerary

Historical sites may include but are not limited to: Porte Saint Louis, Ursulines Chapel, Quebec City Hall, Notre-Dame of Quebec Basilica Cathedral, Château Frontenac Hotel, Quebec Mural, Royale Square, Escalier Casse-Cou and Little Champlain Street. Flavor stops: La Sagamité, Le Continental, Brasserie Chez Jules, Louise Taverne, and dessert.

Meet Up

Your guide will be waiting for you at the Porte Saint-Louis to start your fabulous experience! (street corner of Rue St Louis and Côte de la Citadelle). He/She will raise up a flag, so, you can easily spot the group.

La Sagamité

Kwe! (Hello in Mi'kmaq --Native American language) Showcase local Native American cuisine, La Sagamité presents us game meat pâte with onion confit and duck terrine with blueberry sauce. Oh yes, and a micro-brewed native beer called "Kwe"!

Le Continental

Total enjoyment in the classical gourmet world of Le Continental, we will experience preferred services and table-side flambéed shrimp that pay tribute to the delicious French cuisine.

Brasserie Les Mordus

Newest addition in our team, Brasserie Les Mordus will get you hooked! Specialized in fish, seafood and beers, their chef created a Charcuterie Plate just for us. Therefore, we will have a taste of beautiful Charlevoix region.

Louise Taverne & Bar à Vin

Inspired by many of Europe’s gourmet taverns, their engaged and passionate team welcome guests in a warm and festive ambiance with simple, flavorful and well sourced menu.

Seasonal dessert

Our dessert vary from season to season. It usually composed of a warm nonalcoholic drink and a legit Quebecois sweet.

End of tour

Come hungry, you will be fulfilled both intellectually and appetite wise!

"We had a fantastic evening of great food and fun. Marie was incredibly knowledgeable and gracious. She guided us through the evening at a comfortable pace and took wonderful care of our little group of 4. She advised us to “COME HUNGRY” so we skipped lunch, and were ready for the generous portions and tremendous variety of dishes. Highly recommend it!"
Jan. 2020

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